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> On Dec 28, 2006, at 10:07 AM, Lee Corbin wrote:
> >
> > The word "her" is still jarring because it necessarily makes
> > a political statement:  ...
> I'm over 30, and don't find use of "her", "she", and so on
> jarring, though I, myself, often prefer to use "they", and
> I do still find that a bit jarring (!), because a part of
> me wants to "correct" the grammar. Randall Randall 

The political statement to which Lee refers can be generalized.  I have made
a habit of feminizing unspecified gender terms, even if referring to a
rapist or violent criminal.  We had round one of the culture war of gender
equality in the west back in the 50s and 60s.  Round one is over now; we
understand that as a culture we must evaluate the individual on the basis of
individual merits, while being gender blind, color blind and religion blind.
This concept of judging the individual holds regardless of one's attitude
toward any particular religion, color or gender.  

Round two is yet before us, for the muslm world either did not participate
in that culture war, or the other side prevailed.  Everything that happens
in that culture is done by a he, unless it is for being beaten for the crime
of not covering one's face, or being imprisoned for the crime of being
raped, in which cases the perps are specifically female.

Round two of this culture war is coming to their front door.  We saw how the
west handled it, let us see how the east does.  I wish for there to be no
misunderstanding regarding that present and future culture war, no
uncertainty regarding which side my personal sympathies lie.  Our culture
war overthrew much of the power of the church in the west, to the benefit of
society.  If the power of the muslm religion is broken by a culture war from
within, this world has a much better chance of averting world war four.


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