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Anne Corwin's Existence is
signals the novel I
Was A Teenage Popsicle<http://www.amazon.com/I-Was-a-Teenage-Popsicle/dp/0425211800>by
Katz Rosenbaum <http://www.bevkatzrosenbaum.com/>: "*I am no stranger to the
subject of suspended animation - however, it is odd and strangely compelling
to see this subject pop up in something so far removed from sci-fi as the
bubblegum world of novels written for an audience of eighth-grade girls.
Could it be that the cryonics meme is, in fact, propagating through
mainstream culture?*".

The book has received very good reviews and has been featured by a lot of
magazines for girls and teens. I think popular "light" literature with a
positive approach to human enhancement and, even more, future-friendly TV
serials and movies, can really achieve a deep penetration of transhumanist
memes in popular culture.

The author Bev Katz Rosenbaum has a very nice, clean and professional
website on her "Fiction for Tweens and
See also her page on Myspace <http://www.myspace.com/bevkatzrosenbaum>,
where she introduces herself as a a former fiction and magazine editor, now
working as a full time YA writer.

I Was A Teenage
*Floe Ryan was frozen--well, 'vitrified'--when she was sixteen. She's just
been thawed, and guess what, it's ten years in the future and she's still a
teenager. And her parents are still, shall we say, chilling out. Floe's
little sister is now her older sister (and guardian!), and payback's a
beyotch. On top of that, Floe has to get used to a new school, new
technology, and a zillion other new things that happened while she was
napping in the freezer. Luckily, she has Taz Taber--the hottie sk8er boy who
used to make her melt before she was frozen--to reintegrate with. But now
they're trying to close the Venice Beach Cryonics Center-with Floe's parents
still in it! Now that's cold. It's up to Floe to save the clinic and her
parents--so she can finally have a chance at a somewhat normal life…*) has
received very good reviews (check the Amazon page and the Press section of
the author's website) and was chosen as a Girl's Life Magazine 'Big Book
Giveaway' in September '06.

The sequel Beyond
*Floe Ryan was frozen (well, vitrified) for ten years because of a rare
disease. Now she's been thawed back to her normal self, but absolutely
everything else has changed. Just when she starts warming up to this new
scene, everything falls apart…. Her boyfriend is giving her the cold
shoulder, and there are all these cliques she can't fit into--high school
can be a cold place. Worse yet, Dr. Dixon at the Cryonics Center tells her
that those who were frozen are more susceptible to illnesses and the one
doctor who can cure this immune system weakness has gone AWOL. Now it's up
to Floe and her brainy friend Sophie to find him. But they're not the only
ones looking for him--and this time, Floe could be iced for good…*) will be
published in 2007.
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