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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Wed Dec 27 15:52:36 UTC 2006

>        Athens, Greece, September 25-27, 2007
>            http://www.iaras.org/ecc2007
>------------------  CALL  FOR  PAPERS  -----------------
>     Athens, Greece, September 25-27, 2007
>The Proceedings will be published by the IEEE Computer Society Press
>  and will be available in IEEE-Xplore, IEEE INSPEC, EI and SCI (ISI)
>  -- see other benefits here:
>The Organizing Committee has arranged the
>  publication of the Proceedings of the Conference
>via IEEE Computer Society Press.
>The IEEE Computer Society Press (IEEE CSP Press) will provide us the
>    1. Provide an online final submission Web site for authors of
>accepted papers;
>    2. Provide free access to IEEE PDF eXpress, an online source file
>conversion / PDF validation tool that assists in the creation on
>IEEE-XploreTM compliant PDF files for final submission;
>    3. Receive and check all camera-ready papers;
>    4. Provide full communication and assistance to authors and
>organizers throughout publication process;
>    5. Obtain all required copyright, Library of Congress/ISSN, ISBN,
>and other bibliographical registration details;
>    6. Design and prepare covers, title pages, copyright notices,
>contents, author indices, introductions or forewords, and section headings;
>    7. Paginate book and affix individual copyright notices as needed;
>    8. Manage all printing, typography, binding, and shipping
>arrangements for on-time arrival at the conference site;
>    9. Market and promote to more than 100,000 IEEE Computer Society
>members worldwide, university and technical libraries, major technical
>booksellers and wholesalers;
>   10. Include the publication in the IEEE Computer Society online
>   11. Arrange for indexing through IEE INSPEC, EI (Compendex), SCI
>(ISI), and other indexing services;
>   12. Archive the publication to IEEE XploreTM and the IEEE Computer
>Society (CSDL) digital libraries.
>CPS will format our publication according to IEEE Computer Society
>standards.   The final, camera-ready papers need to be submitted in 
>compliant PDF format to CPS at least ten weeks prior to the conference
>delivery date.
>   ------
>Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Data Bases, Artificial
>Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Industrial systems,  Autonomic
>and autonomous systems,  Knowledge data systems, Knowledge Mining,
>Web-based education, E-Activities, Computer Vision, Intelligent
>techniques, Computer Logic, Multimedia, Video Systems, Internet
>Technologies, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Language-Speech
>processing, Digital Systems Design, Cognitive Systems, Systems
>performance, Networking and telecommunications, Robotics, Computer
>Vision, Visualization and Virtualization, Computational Intelligence
>(Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computing), Security,
>Cryptology, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computations, Algorithms
>and Complexity, Graph Theory, Parallel and Distributed Systems,
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>Call for Papers:  December 1, 2006
>Paper Submission:  March 1, 2007
>Acceptance Notification / Rejection:  April 1, 2007
>Final Papers Due:  May 1, 2007
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>The format for the papers will be the Standard IEEE 2-Columns format
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>Special Session is to focus on very specific topics and target
>speakers and audience with expertise on the particular subject. In
>effect, Special Sessions are recognized as having very high prestige
>and have attracted distinguished scientists from all over the world.
>Special Sessions promote presentation of novel ideas, discussion and
>exchange of knowledge between highly skilled participants. On the
>other hand, it has been observed that in special sessions all (or
>almost all) the papers are presented as well as several discussions
>with serious comments and questions take place after the presentation.
>Approved Special Sessions (List updated 26 Dec.2006):
>1. "Computational Methods on Power Systems",
>2: "Computational Fluid Dynamics -- Computational Heat and Mass
>Transfer and Thermal Science"
>3. "Computational Intelligence with Applications in Software
>If you don't want to invite you again from the
>WSEAS Working Group on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
>(ECE) send a message to: omikron at worldses.org
>The Subject Line must contain the command:
>       STOP ECE natasha at natasha.cc WSEAS

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