[extropy-chat] humans on mars?

Jef Allbright jef at jefallbright.net
Mon Dec 25 20:17:47 UTC 2006

Spike wrote:

> Ratzinger evidently thinks humans have reached Mars:
> http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/europe/12/25/pope.christmas.reut
> /index.html
> By the way, shame on you who worship technology.

In my opinion, this is very encouraging. The Pope appears to display an
enlightened awareness of technology as a true extension of mankind.

He goes on to say the following:

"Is a 'Saviour' still needed by a humanity which has reached the moon
and Mars and is prepared to conquer the universe; for a humanity which
knows no limits in its pursuit of nature's secrets and which has
succeeded even in deciphering the marvelous codes of the human genome?
Is a Saviour needed by a humanity which has invented interactive
communication, which navigates in the virtual ocean of the Internet and,
thanks to the most advanced modern communications technologies, has now
made the Earth, our great common home, a global village?"

I see this as a very positive acknowlegement in contrast with the
ostensible blindness and denial of past statements with regard to

He then makes the point that "Some people remain enslaved, exploited and
stripped of their dignity; others are victims of racial and religious
hatred, hampered by intolerance and discrimination, and by political
interference and physical or moral coercion with regard to the free
profession of their faith. Others see their own bodies and those of
their dear ones, particularly their children, maimed by weaponry, by
terrorism and by all sorts of violence, at a time when everyone invokes
and acclaims progress, solidarity and peace for all."

Yes indeed.  An important message on the importance of taking care of
things locally while dreaming extropically.

With clear awareness of issues and values, "minor" matters such a faith
in a deity may not be insurmountable.

- Jef

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