[extropy-chat] global warming eats island

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 22:26:32 UTC 2006

>  but somehow I'm really dubious....

And you should be.  This is the ExI list, here we *question* reality, we
poke holes in it and we ask for verification.  We hold out our imaginations
and say "make it so", and we hold out our doubt and say, "you can't touch
that" or "not even wrong".

The world is not sinking yet, and relatively advanced bio and/or
nanotechnology can save it and those can be available within our lifetimes.
So you are right to be "dubious" for the assertions (or claims) with respect
to global warming *barely* merit a claim on the ExI "not even wrong" agenda.

Here are the analytical questions.  How much carbon have we put into the
atmosphere?  How long would it take (a) microorganisms; or (b) nanotech
based molecular sorters; to put said amount of carbon someplace where it can
do no harm?  (Note I'm proposing at least *two* solutions, there may be
more).  If you are ambitious, ask how long and what the energy costs would
be to put said carbon into orbit where it might be more useful.  (The upper
atmosphere is a really poor place to park ones carbon resources.)

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