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Sun Dec 31 04:16:54 UTC 2006

On 12/31/06, Lúcio de Souza Coelho <lucioc at gmail.com> wrote:

> Your belief is correct, right now I think that one may fairly assign
> me to the class of "clueless n00bs" in the list. :)

That is fine, as Anna (another recent addition) may be able to testify we
can be harsh but we do try to self-correct.

In some sense it is quite the opposite, lets say that I am not that
> fond of visions of "purity" and uniformity...

No indeed and I might point out that the ExI principles include "diversity".

Now to the meat of the discussion...
> how would you define/identify the Aristoi in an Extropian context?)

To be honest I do not have an answer.  Anders might or Nick might this is a
question of where existing reality confronts future reality but you are
skating on the edge of "does exist" relative to "to be defined"..

> the best way to constrain them is to create a set of values

> that you think is "good" and that is shared by the Aristoi. While
> Aristoi (of any kind) often tend to dismiss the opinion of the Vulgus,
> they will take into account the opinion of the Aristoi themselves and
> tend to behave according to their own "code of honor".

To be honest.  I don't know.  And this may be the fundamental question.
When will the FAI become the not so "Friendly" AI.  When will the "code of
honor" be cast out the window?

And so... I suppose that there are discussions on the "ethics of
> pos-Singularity transformations" here, aren't they?

In your wildest dreams... :-( :-; You are treading into areas which are only
starting to be explored by people who really understand the shift which may
be taking place.  I would suggest that you review work by Nick Bostrom,
Anders Sandberg, Mark Walker, and Robin Hanson.

They do not even begin to get into the "ethics of post singularity"
behavior.  You may grasp the essence of the problem but exploring it has
trumped even the best of us.  We can barely offer a frame  around the
window.  I sincerely doubt any of us would offer a view through it.
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