[extropy-chat] Introducing: the super-rational slime-mold.

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 31 16:03:55 UTC 2006

> bounces at lists.extropy.org] On Behalf Of The Avantguardian
> When two individual amoeboids strike one another's
> fancy in some chemical way, they have the option of
> undergoing meiosis and then having sex with one
> another by fusing their haploid meiosis progeny
> together...

Oooh, don't ya wish humans could do that?  Sounds like fun.  {8-]

> What would the humble slime mold advise humanity to do
> with regard to the energy crisis? Stuart LaForge

Stuart, we should replace this with the term "energy opportunity."  When
things get too easy, we humans get wasteful and complacent, luddism gains
the upper hand.  Challenges like the so-called energy crisis are really
opportunities to achieve excellence.



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