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Damien Sullivan wrote:
> Governments don't need money for incentives; they can apply taxes.  If
> oil burners had to pay for the cost of removing or sequestering their
> CO2 then alternatives would probably look a lot more attractive.
> Governments can create markets.

But there /is/ no cost for removing CO2 from the atmosphere, because it tends to dissolve in water and be removed by blue-green algae. The higher the density of CO2 in the atmosphere, the faster this process occurs. 
This is one of a thousand examples of why the whole global warming thing is nonsense. It's a balanced system, but not a /delicately/ balanced one, instead it's a self-balancing one. Any fluctuation in global temps is a natural effect, aside from human production. This is why the "global warming" signs the fearmongering socialist bureaucrats are citing all depend on things which are unrelated to the greenhouse effect, like surface temperatures instead of oceanic temps.
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