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World Health Statistics 2006 

Public Health Mapping and GIS, Communicable Diseases,
World Health Organization. 2006

Website: http://www.who.int/whosis/whostat2006/en/index.html 

".....presents the most recent statistics since 1997 of 50 health
indicators for WHO's 192 Member States. This second edition of World
Health Statistics includes an expanded set of statistics, with a
particular focus on equity between and within countries. It also
introduces a section with 10 highlights in global health statistics
For the past year....."

In addition to national statistics, this publication presents statistics
on the distribution of selected health outcomes and interventions within
countries, disaggregated by gender, age, urban/rural setting,
wealth/assets, and educational level. Such statistics are primarily
derived from the analysis of household surveys and are only available
for a limited number of countries. We envisage that the number of
countries reporting disaggregated data will increase during the next
Few years.

The core indicators do not aim to capture all relevant aspects of
health, but to provide a comprehensive summary of the current status
Of population health and health systems at country level: 1) mortality
outcomes; 2) morbidity outcomes; 3) risk factors; 4) coverage of
selected health interventions; 5) health systems; 6) inequalities in
health; and 7) demographic and socioeconomic statistics.

:: View the ten global health highlights

:: Query the database online

:: Review the indicator definitions and metadata

Download the entire document :: World Health Statistics 2006 [pdf

Download the document by section :: Table of Contents and Introduction
[pdf 302kb]

:: Ten statistical highlights in global public health [pdf 3.19Mb]

:: Mortality [pdf 395kb]

:: Morbidity [pdf 138kb]

:: Coverage [pdf 359kb]

:: Risk Factors [pdf 358kb]

:: Health Systems [pdf 677kb]

:: Demographic and Socioeconomic Statistics [pdf 296kb]

Download the Tables

:: Health Status: Mortality [xls 135kb]

:: Health Status: Morbidity [xls 62kb]

:: Health Service Coverage [xls 112kb]

:: Risk Factors [xls 112kb]

:: Health Systems [xls 164kb]

:: Inequities in Health [xls 72kb]

:: Demographic and Socioeconomic Statistics [xls 77kb]

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