[extropy-chat] Reverse Evolution ?

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> family member at Christmas ask me "You don;t really believe we came from
> Apes do you?...

Me:  What do you mean "came from?"  We are apes now.  From an anatomical
point of view, from the neck down chimps and humans are practically

> I mean, if apes had human babies back then, why ain't they
> still having them now?"...

They are, we do.

> But that is changing. Some of these people watch Discovery channel and
> will watch "American Chopper" and then stay on the same channel to see
some great programming...

After viewing American Chopper, who could deny that humans are apes?

> ...such as "Walking with Cavemen" or "The Future is Wild". They
> are quite basic in their concepts but they do a good job explaining things
in laymens terms.
> So go ahead and print the sheet of paper and get it out there. But stick
> with the basics straight from Darwin's  "Origin"...

Ja I must give TV credit where credit is due.  There have been some
excellent programs on evolution and human development in the past couple
years.  National Geographic continues to do their valiant best. 

Check this, apes have culture:



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