[extropy-chat] Reverse Evolution ?

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 1 07:10:29 UTC 2006

> bounces at lists.extropy.org] On Behalf Of Pete Bertine
> Subject: Re: [extropy-chat] Reverse Evolution ?
> We absolutely do need a good 1 sheet definition of evolution so I can go
> nail it to the door of the Vatican.  Been several hundred years since my
> ancestors nailed anything to the door of a Catholic church and I'm ready
> to get my hammer. (Spike, it is OK to threaten the Catholic Church with a
> hammer on the list, isn't it?)

Pete, if you feel the mighty Catholic Church loses any holy papal sleep over
our tiny insignificant transhumanist hammer, do go right ahead and threaten
away.  {8^D

Why is it that I can make comments like this with regard to christianity,
yet never worry a minute about a furious bloody reprisal?  Too bad all
religions do not work this way.


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