[extropy-chat] Re Fight for Evolution?

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Fri Mar 3 06:54:44 UTC 2006

I don't think you are in a solid position to make this statement:

Pete Bertine pkbertine at hotmail.com :
>The ignorance of today's "educated" person is staggering. I frequently
>ask people how they think cell phones work.  A frequent reply (other
>than who cares) is that they "talk to satellites." A person in the
>middle of a concrete building thinks their phone goes straight to a
>satellite, bounces off it and "talks" to their friend's phone in the
>same room or around the world.

Because later in another message, you say:

>BTW... I hated physics and chemistry, too much math.  Words were so
>much more fun.  Big mistake.  Where was my intellectual curiosity?

Did you do something about it?


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