[extropy-chat] Determining a person's worth

Pete Bertine pkbertine at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 3 23:31:39 UTC 2006

It is funny how a misunderstood joke has become a serious topic of
discussion, one that better minds than mine, "cough cough" under my breath
(Keith Henson) "Cough Cough" have lead the charge on. 

Robin Hanson mentioned somewhere in his website (here exactly
http://hanson.gmu.edu/ratlagent.html )something about "Rationality Agents"
and I'd like to hire one to do all my posting from now on.  What do you
charge per post, Robin?  

Pete Bertine

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> > Hold on!  Hold !  On !  I hate smiley faces but there was a big tongue
> in
> > cheek smiley face.  I'm sorry it fell flat.  A person's worth is based
> upon
> > the effort they put into bettering themselves and those around them.  It
> is
> > in no way based upon money.  Sorry. My bad joke.
> >
> You can't determine a person's worth that easily. In fact, I doubt you can
> determine it at all.
> For example, suppose a grandchild of someone like Stalin creates a way to
> save millions of people from malaria.
> I could give further examples, and probably better ones if I had time, but
> I
> think you can see the point.
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