[extropy-chat] Gravity, Energy , Mass and my mother

Anne-Marie Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Tue Mar 7 21:51:25 UTC 2006

>I've been trying to explain to mother (who is a diosis with the Protestant
  >Church) about science.  (Forget about evolution, that's going to take a 
  >lot more convincing)
  >I may be completely off, but i'm just trying to explain to her (she is very, very
  >old school, pray, be nice and don't think too much:) in easy terms, 
  >the concept of e=mc2 using humans as the example.
  >Please let me know that i'm way off before I approach her with my idea:)
  >(And by the way, smileys are cute!)
  >If I quoted Albert Einstein with: (She likes him, thinks his smart:)
  >"The body's surface layer is penetrated by energy 
>quanta whose energy is converted at least partially
>into kinetic energy of the electrons.  The simplest
>conception is that a light quamtum transfers it's 
>entire energy to a single electron..)"
  Then I will say:
  >If we are all energy that equals mass, to be attracted
>to someone, you would need gravity.
  >Then, If energy equals mass times the speed of light, then
>at certain times people meet for a specific reason.  (Or if they
>meet and exchange energy with someone that may be causing radiation,
  >they too may become contaminated.)
  >And if e=mc2, then couldn't it mean that their are 
>other energies that effect humans that may cause
>electromagnetic fields based on the time.
>(if you haven't already became radiation.)
  >Which in turn would lead to the need to understand
>awareness in humans? (Knowing the right time)
  >Which Buddha describes: To becoming a full conscious human being.
  >(I won't tell her it was Buddha)
  >And just out of curiosity, have scientists measured awareness?
  >Any comments or suggestions are always welcome, 
  >it makes me smarter
  >Thanks Anna


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