[extropy-chat] Gravity, Energy, Mass and my mother

ben benboc at lineone.net
Fri Mar 10 22:37:53 UTC 2006

Emlyn wrote:

 >Don't feed the trolls.

Emlyn, No!

I'm all for starving trolls, but i don't (and obviously neither does 
Jef) think that Anna is a troll.

She seems to me to be someone without the kind of scientific education 
that a lot, probably most, of the people here have, and that causes her 
to seem naive or even trollish. I don't believe that she is either. If 
someone is willing and eager to learn things, it seems perverse to try 
to deny them simply because they are saying things that seem silly. They 
/aren't/ silly things, they are just uninformed.

Jef is doing a great thing by trying to explain concepts that are 
probably foreign to Anna, and she is doing an even better thing by being 
unafraid to show her ignorance of certain things, and of asking for help 
in understanding. I think they are both, in their own ways, displaying 
very admirable qualities.

I don't think Anna is trying to stir up trouble, i think she is hungry 
for knowledge. We should be privileged to feed her. I may be proved 
wrong, but i'd rather give someone the benefit of the doubt and be 
wrong, than assume the worst of them, and be right.

If Anna starts saying "No, you're all wrong, you need to realign your 
crystals with the cosmic harmonic vibrations of love and peace bla bla", 
then i'll concede defeat and get my Troll Whacker (TM) out.


PS, Anna, happy birthday, and what Gina said.

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