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Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Tue Mar 14 07:44:42 UTC 2006

Amara's brain here.

Hal, writing one of the funniest posts I've seen all of the years on
this extropy list says:

>The name of "Brain Awareness Week" is actually pretty funny.  Since the
>function of the brain is to be aware, it is a somewhat redundant phrase.

>Next we could have "Heart Pumping Week", "Stomach Digestion Week",
>"Kidney Filtration Week", "Muscle Contraction Week", "Lung Breathing Week"
>and many others.

>When I was young, Readers Digest magazine ran a series of public health
>articles with names like "I am Joe's Heart", "I am Joe's Liver", and
>so on (satirized in the movie Fight Club).  I don't remember if they
>did one, but imagine how different it would be to have an article,
>"I am Joe's Brain".  Hearing from Joe's brain would be totally unlike
>hearing from Joe's heart or Joe's liver.  After all, Joe's brain is who
>does all the talking for Joe, all the time!

Here is Joe's Liver, talking from the Reader's Digest:

Ratcliff, J.D. "I Am Joe's Liver." Reader's Digest. 95. 569. (1969): 81-84.

For about $1000, you can get most of Joe!


I Am Joe Series 	VHS    979.00
I Am Joe's Ear          VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Eye          VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Foot	VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Hand	VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Heart	VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Kidney	VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Liver	VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Lung	VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Skin	VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Spine	VHS	95.00
I Am Joe's Stomach	VHS	95.00
(Based on the classic Reader's Digest "I Am Joe's..." series, these
programs provide an informative and absorbing journey through the
leading character's body. These full-motion videos take viewers on a
guided tour of the heart, spine, stomach, lungs, kidney, liver, and
skin. 26 minutes each.)

So the women don't feel left out: there is one "I am Jane's Uterus".
This inventive soul collected links that one sees when that's typed
into a search engine:

and goes on to further describe poor Joe:

I am totally Joe's Gallbladder.
I am Joe's Raging Bile Duct.
I am Joe's Grinding Teeth.
I am Joe's Inflamed Flaring Nostrils.
I am Joe's White Knuckles.
I am Joe's Enraged, Inflamed Sense of Rejection.
I am Joe's Clenching Bowels.
I am Joe's Boiling Point.
I am Joe's Blood Boiling Rage.
I am Joe's Smirking Revenge.
I am Joe's Broken Heart.
I am Joe's Cold Sweat.
I am the Pit of Joe's Stomach.



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