[extropy-chat] Are vaccinations useless?

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Tue Mar 14 10:27:56 UTC 2006

On Mar 13, 2006, at 2:07 PM, Robin Hanson wrote:

> You never say what claim it is that you think is "just silly."   If
> it is the claim in the subject line, that is not a claim that I ever
> made - Rafal Smigrodzki created that subject line.  As I keep
> repeating, the main claim that this thread has been discussing is as
> Hal Finney says " whether advances in health and longevity are
> largely due or are not due to medicine".   You may have heard many
> claims made about that topic over the years, but take an intro class
> in public health (or health econ, or health sociology) if you want to
> learn the non-doctor academic consensus on this subject.

Why would I care about a non-medical consensus on the efficacy of  
medicine?  I have asked, as have others, for how other theories might  
cover the facts and have received no answer of sufficient quality to  
make it seem at all worthwhile to pursue these alternate notions  
further.  So what else is there to say?

- samantha

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