[extropy-chat] Lifeboat Foundation awared to Freitas, Joy

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 14:30:00 UTC 2006

On 3/14/06, Robert Bradbury wrote:
> However, I was struck by how long the Board list was, particularly given the
> fact that a number of years ago I had asked Ray to be on the SAB for
> Robiobotics and he had declined.  Now perhaps his thinking was different
> back then, but one would expect a person interested in the risks of
> biotechnology would want to be on the SAB of a company proposing to
> facilitate "whole genome engineering".  Why participate in Lifeboat and not
> Robiobotics?  I also know some of the people listed on the Board (Freitas,
> Fahy, More, Vita-More, Annisimov, Yudkowsky,  de Grey, Fossel, Rose, etc.)
> and know that they have relatively high standards with respect to projects
> they would actively participate in and/or support.

The SAB has been split into subgroups, each advising on a different subject.

> So a combination of the length of the Board list and my experience sent me
> on a fishing expedition.  The "whois" on the domain lifeboat.com doesn't
> help much as it appears to be registered to one "Eric Klien" in Buffalo, NY.
>  So I thought "relative" of Bruce Klein (?) of the Immortality Institute but
> the last name spelling is different.  Now, from the /. article it does
> appear that "Eric Klien" was involved in "The Atlantis Project" (aka the
> Oceania project) [1] which dates back to 1990's and seems to have some roots
> in Libertarian politics/philosophy.

Yea, he was described as one of the Libertarians trying to set up
their own state, island, ship, floating city, etc. outside the reach
of t' guvermint.   :)

The Lifeboat Foundation is designing space Arks of 1,000 people each.

But I cannot find any information on how they plan to organise the
social structure of these Arks.
Are they like military ships, with a captain and crew running things?
Or are they like Israeli kibbutz?
Or, is he still going with the Libertarian mini-state idea?

Maybe it is to be decided later on, if it ever gets to the stage that
they might actually build an Ark.


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