[extropy-chat] Plenty of room at the bottom

Ola Bini Ola.Bini at ki.se
Wed Mar 15 09:55:04 UTC 2006

>Clearly Asimov quickly came to understand the
>transistor's -- invented in 1947 -- miniaturizing
>implications for electronics.  But more than that he
>also foresaw with striking accuracy the future
>trajectory for computers.
>Check out the story to see just how accurate.
>Best, Jeff Davis


It's a really good story, with some fun implications. As you say, Asimov 
was early in those thoughts, but he was still locked in
the thinking that there was only a few big computers. It took some years 
until people realized the logical conclusion of the miniaturizing of 
that of many small, cooperatiing computers instead of one megacluster.

But still, the storys conclusions come earily close to some nowaday 
scientific ideas.

  Ola Bini

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