[extropy-chat] (health) risks and benefits along a bell curve ?

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Fri Mar 17 03:35:46 UTC 2006

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> Subject: [extropy-chat] (health) risks and benefits along a bell curve ?
> I have a little theory that I have been nursing for a while.  It's
> something I have been thinking about in relation to scares about cell
> phone radiation, or microwaving plastic bowls, etc.
> The thinking is this:...
> ... and to anyone that would reply "but _this is_ the generation that will
> live to 150 because of all the green tea and berries and yoga" ...

Thanks Ensel, this is good stuff.  Your line of reasoning is compelling: if
we don't see anomalously many four-sigma cases of people living way long,
the habits of the ordinary long-livers are probably not all that effective.
I have concluded similarly: to live long, first of all pick off all the low
hanging fruit: drive sanely, drink sensibly, sleep in your own bed.  


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