[extropy-chat] Folding at Home is a hog...

deimtee deimtee at optusnet.com.au
Sun Mar 19 02:23:56 UTC 2006

I've been running it on my home pc (mandriva linux) for ages, and the 
whole folding directory is only 15mb at the moment.
I don't know how much that goes up and down with various work units, but 
I've never had any problems and the whole partition is only about 20gb.


Emlyn wrote:

>I've just had to uninstall Folding at Home from my laptop because it's
>been creating log files that eat my entire HD. eg: I had my machine
>complain about no disk space a couple of days ago, and found that
>Folding at Home had created a 27gb log file over the course of a couple
>of days.
>Does anyone else have this problem?
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