[extropy-chat] Folding at Home is a hog...

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 20 06:52:13 UTC 2006

Emlyn, I ran folding at home for a few weeks, acted a bit flakey
but didn't create monster files if I recall.  I have been
running GIMPS for almost 8 years now with no problems of
any kind.  Ran SETI at home for a while, but they kept sending
me the same jobs over and over.  

Everyone, whatever your favorite @home project, do set something
running in the background.  Like sled dogs that love to pull 
something, computers love to calculate something.


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> I've just had to uninstall Folding at Home from my laptop because it's
> been creating log files that eat my entire HD. eg: I had my machine
> complain about no disk space a couple of days ago, and found that
> Folding at Home had created a 27gb log file over the course of a couple
> of days.
> Does anyone else have this problem?
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