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  I'm a brand new member, so thought I'd include a short bio. My name is Jeffrey Raymond Herrlich, I'm 25 yo, living in Corpus Christi, Texas. Taking a few college courses. I first learned about the Singularity (and the associated concepts) around Oct. 2005 when I read Kurzweil's TSIN. It blew me away; before that time, I must embarrassingly admit that, I had never really thought about any of these issues. Now I feel acutely aware of them, basically to the point of a chronic mild anxiety. Is that an irrational thing, or do most transhumanists feel this way? Anyway, since last November, I've made a few small donations to SIAI and CRN - wish I could do more - currently buying the occasional lottery ticket ;) I joined the SL4 mailing list, but I'm now beginning to face the fact that I'm just not on that level of technical knowledge ( and probably intelligence ) and I think my posts there aren't very useful. Hopefully, I'll be qualified before too long. Besides, my opinions tend to be
 more philosophical than scientific. Well anyway, just wanted to introduce myself.
  Best Wishes,
  Jeffrey Herrlich

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