[extropy-chat] Transhumanism in "Army of Davids"?

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 00:06:21 UTC 2006

On 3/23/06, Neil H. <neuronexmachina at gmail.com> wrote:
> So this is where Reynolds and Kurweil and their techno-utopianism has led
> us. Either we are pro-transhumanists or we are Luddites. Such are the
> consequences of foolish thoughts and slovenly language. Such is the impact
> of contemporary technology utopianism upon the English language.

This is where ignorant polarization, lack of compassion, lack of
understanding of different positions and rushing to judgemental conclusions
and characterisation of positions leads us.  Please let's not go there.

- samantha

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