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Damien Sullivan phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu
Sun Mar 26 22:21:10 UTC 2006

On Sat, Mar 25, 2006 at 11:11:07PM -0800, spike wrote:
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> > ...  Of course, extracting 380 ppm CO2 is
> > entropically harder than burning dense hydrocarbons...
> 380 ppm is all of it.  We don't want to extract more than about 100 ppm, if

I didn't mean we should extract it all.  But extracting whatever we do from a
concentration of 380 ppm seems hard.  I've suggested before that this is the
real limitation on plants' photosynthesis: not extracting energy from sunlight
but extracting CO2 to store the energy in.

> we decide we should extract any.  This is still unclear to me.  Is there
> anyone here besides me that thinks this planet is generally too cold?

I'm sure there is, but not me.  We seem to have an unusually diverse range of
climates right now, with "lots of glaciers" or "sub-tropical up to near the
poles" being the norm.  Why lose diveristy?  Or the free pest control of
winter?  Or lose the coastal areas we'd lose to flooding?

-xx- Damien X-) 

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