[extropy-chat] Conditional Securities Orders

Keith M. Elis zarathustra_winced at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 27 02:48:53 UTC 2006

Is there some reason why an online brokerage firm does not yet exist
which allows conditional securities orders to be placed whose execution
depends on world events? Most firms offer conditional orders of various
kinds, some simple, some complex (especially in the derivatives world).
But none, AFAIK, yet allows securities orders to be placed at one time
and then executed or expired based on an event that does or does not
occur out there in the world. I should think many people, even
non-traders, would like to subscribe to a quote service that shows the
price of security XYZ given P. 

This quote service would be able to answer some neat questions. For
example, what is the price of General Dynamics stock given a missed
troop withdrawal deadline? Or, how many shares are short Affymetrix
given (Luddite candidate X) winning the election?  

I've looked through relevant statute, but nothing seems to expressly
forbid this kind of activity. It's another kind of conditional order,
one that is especially hard to adjudicate and execute quickly, but
assuming such was possible to do well, is it legal? 


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