[extropy-chat] clarifications RE: CR and free-rad theory of aging...

Ensel Sharon user at dhp.com
Tue Oct 3 15:53:59 UTC 2006

As you may have guessed from my recent postings, I am delving into the
free-rad theory of aging and calorie restriction.  I have some basic
questions that I am not finding clear answers for:

1. What accounting does CR and CR theory take of physical output in
relation to calories consumed ?  Is it an absolute reduction in calories
that is pursued, or relative to ones activity ?

Does a large person that maintains "healthy CR'd bodyweight" get the same
benefit as a small person that maintains "healthy CR'd bodyweight" ?

If so, wouldn't that suggest that an athlete burning a CR'd 2000 calories
per day would get the same benefit as a lightly active or inactive person
burning a CR'd 1200 calories per day ?  (assuming that a comparable
athlete not doing CR would consume something like 2800-3200, and a
comparable non-athlete would consume something like 2000)

2. What about the age issue ?  The claim that CR benefits "only the
young" is very interesting, but always very vague.  Define young.  On the
wikipedia page, it cites that rats that started CR at age 18 months showed
no benefit.  Let's assume that this is true - what is the human age
equivalent for 18 rat months ?

If I am 31 years old, is it too late ?  Is it binary, as in, if you get it
young enough you get full benefits, but if you don't you get none OR is it
on a scale wherein you can get some benefit if you start late (beyond the
simple benefit of simply being healthier at that period)

All comments/suggestions appreciated.  I realize this is not a CR list - I
just like the quality of discussion here.

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