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Fri Oct 6 02:57:29 UTC 2006

On 10/5/06, Anders Sandberg <asa at nada.kth.se> wrote:
> For my cognition enhancement project, I have decided to not just put
> together a bibliography of research papers and ethics papers, but also
> fiction that deals with cognition enhancement - improved memory,
> attention, intelligence, creativity etc - in an intelligent way. So I
> would be interested in what novels and short stories (and poems for that
> matter) deals with the subject of technologically enhanced cognition. In
> particular discussion of the social effects in a nontrival way is
> intesting.

Julian May's "Galactic Milieu" Trilogy

Even if it doesn't make your list, check out the wikipedia link.  Julian May
is one of my favorite authors.

an this excerpt (chapter one) of Greg Egan's
(Hopefully this chapter convinces you to read the others, or buy the book)
Also check out "Permutation
- Greg Egan may BE my favorite author.

You do plan on posting your compilation here, right?  Anything you can do to
isolate the gems from the great pile of rubbish that is available would be a
veritable service to humanity.  :)
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