[extropy-chat] TRENDS: Email is so yesterday

Rik van Riel riel at surriel.com
Fri Oct 6 03:46:58 UTC 2006

nvitamore at austin.rr.com wrote:
> Anyone have thoughts on this?
> http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20061002-7877.html

It really depends.

IRC is a lot better for some discussions than email, while
email works better when you have more complex arguments to

Neither really works for collaborative creation, though.
Discussion has its place, but we tend to discuss the same
few things over and over again without making real progress.

Wikis are great for collaborative content creation. They
mostly work when people know what they're writing about...

I'm hosting public wikis on http://wikiwall.org/ some of
which are turning out successful.

Deepamehta looks like it should work even when people do
not exactly know yet what they're thinking about.

http://www.deepamehta.de/ has information on the program.

Collaborative mindmapping could fill in a nice gap between
email / chat and wikis.

I want to set up a public Deepamehta server soon to see
if that works better for collaborative brainstorming.

Who do you trust?
The people with all the right answers?
Or the people with the right questions?

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