[extropy-chat] Fools building AIs

Ben Goertzel ben at goertzel.org
Fri Oct 6 08:10:48 UTC 2006


> Anyway.  I'm not interested in arguing with your friend secondhand.  Say
> what you yourself think is *optimal* reasoning, and I may be interested
> in disputing it.  As for what you think *may* be rational, that's a
> class large enough to include Mentifex, so I may have to say that we
> have different standards for what "may" be "rational" and close it at that.

I do not know what is optimal reasoning, and I don't believe you know
either, nor does any human....  I definitely do not find your own
reasoning optimal...

For instance, you have repeatedly claimed quite confidently that "any
AI not provably Friendly is very very likely to wind up extremely
unFriendly", without ever presenting any remotely convincing reasoning
in favor of this contention ;-)

As for my friend's reasoning, I know him pretty well and find his
reasoning and attitudes quite rational.   However, it may be that I am
using the word "rational" differently than you are.

It is definitely the case that his emotional reactions to many
situations do not agree with his considered evaluations of these
situations.  In this sense he is an inconsistent system: there are
many situations to which parts of his mind react positively but parts
react negatively.

However, he does not seem to maintain any statements that are
logically contradictory to each other, nor does he seem to
mis-estimate odds of events in a systematic or extreme way.

I am not sure in what sense you are claiming his attitude is "irrational."

As for Mentifex, I see no purpose to draw him into this discussion
extensively.   I must state that although Mentifex has made many
claims I don't believe, and has sometimes irritated me by excessive
spamming, I do find I have some odd affection for the chap ;-) ... If
I ever start drinking alcohol again (it's been a few years) perhaps I
will invite him out for a beer!  And generally: I have not found that
my emotional affection for an individual is anywhere near proportional
to my perception of their rationality....  (if this were the case, my
love-life would have gone quite differently in many instances!!)

-- Ben G

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