[extropy-chat] Transhuman warning signs

Alex Ramonsky alex at ramonsky.com
Mon Oct 9 20:14:00 UTC 2006

Class humor; thankyou  :  )
...Where I work there is a room containing a divider disguised as a 
wall. When it's up, the room looks half its actual size. People get used 
to this and then come in one day and find the room is twice as large. 
There is a consequently a sign on the door that reads "Warning -This 
facility is subject to sudden changes in scale".
...Whatever icon could we use for that, I wonder?

Anders Sandberg wrote:

>I had some fun this weekend by making warning signs for transhuman
>(as well as make graphs of who influenced who:
>- maybe we should make a similar kind of graph for transhumanism?)

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