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> > I expect that our own conversations were not terribly deep when we were
> > teenagers.  It was all about mating at that age, a mostly unsuccessful
> and
> > pointless exercise I might add...
> ...  Seriously though, I was deep as
> a teenager because I wanted to be, and got plenty of respect as a
> result...

Ja I can relate.  Michael, you are an exception to many rules.  I was too.
{8-]  Of course I was not smart or rich enough to make the rank of
eccentric, so I had to settle for weird.

> The teens nowadays get laid more, and think more, and are more mature
> than they were back in your time...

WHAT?  Whaddya mean "back in your time"?  Now is my time.  Anyone who thinks
otherwise, why I'll just whack em with my walker.  {8^D

> The funny thing about most adults is that they're slaves to their
> paychecks.  I believe the way you once put it was "busting our asses
> to buy a tract shack"...

Ja, and as you know from living around here, those tract shacks are dear
indeed.  I gaze upon my infant son and wonder, boy how on evolution's green
earth are you EVER going to be able to afford something like what you grew
up in?

>  It's hilarious how adults ...
> ... 3) see their company as
> important just because it happens to be THEIR company now...

That is part of it perhaps, or more exactly, my company is important because
I own stock in it from the company profit sharing plan, and that this
particular company is holding the bag for my particular pension fund.  This
takes on a whole new meaning for people of my age, because we know that
social security is scheduled to go bust right when I reach my late youth.

Think about this just a bit.  Some may think of this problem as being
smaller than it really is, perhaps by imagining that the government can
simply raise taxes to cover the cost, or just print more money and hand it
out.  But try to estimate what will really happen when that fund is outta
money.  Michael people of your age (and mine) need to think about what
actually happens when you are about 50, still in the middle of your earning
years, and now there are skerjillions of retired geezers with their hands
out.  What will this country do?  What will France, Germany, Japan,
Australia and Sweden do?  I hear they are in a worse jam than we are. 


> ...let the younger set how-r-u each other's brains out with no 
> interference, objection, or trace of envy.

> You seem to have some negative stereotypes regarding instant messaging
> in your head!  Just because inarticulate people use a technology
> doesn't mean that that technology is inherently useless.  Inarticulate
> people use email too, doesn't mean that email is useless...

Point well taken.  I have been driven away from some otherwise interesting
email groups because of piles of rubbish from people who couldn't spell, put
together a single grammatically correct sentence, or even produce any solid
evidence that they could think.  As I write, I note that in my own previous
post, the sentence in which I complained the most loudly contained to absurd
typos, this in spite of Bill's offering me the squiggly red lines under the
most blatant examples.  

Some emailers also make comments such as How R U.  Oy vey, must we
communicate in license plate?  I am tempted to reply to "How R U" with

O, I M V-R-E O-L 2-D.  N O R U?  O-L 2?




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