[extropy-chat] Cognition enhancement in fiction

Samantha  Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Tue Oct 10 05:14:38 UTC 2006

David Zindell's Neverness series, Neverness, The Broken God, The Wild,  
War in Heaven.  The set is full of post-human "gods", machine "gods",  
post-Singularity (or several) cultures, augmented more or less humans,  
etc.  I found it much richer and more engaging than the Dune series  
and much more imaginative.   Plenty of food for thought.

- samantha

On Oct 9, 2006, at 9:00 PM, Brian Atkins wrote:

> Here's some ideas:
> Schroeder, Lady of Mazes - Enhanced humans can work with advanced nano
> environment to enforce very localized or even physically overlapping  
> ideas of a
> perfect world.
> Wright, Golden Age series - Various enhanced stuff including mass  
> mentalities,
> memory redaction, self-aware characters created accidentally during  
> games, more.
> Egan, Schild's Ladder - More Egan-posthumans flitting about, this  
> time into some
> unusual places.
> Peter F. Hamilton - Night's Dawn series has various bits, including an
> "affinity" gene which allows for mental communication, uploads,  
> controlling
> engineered species, etc. More recent Commonwealth series also has  
> plenty of bits
> including various enhancements.
> Geodesica series - Various upgraded characters including the highly  
> upgraded
> Exarchs who can control multiple bodies, manage complete societies,  
> and some
> bits regarding giving everyone access to a highly transparent society.
> Vinge, Rainbow's End - Haven't read it yet, but sounds like it might  
> meet your
> criterion if you consider external devices as enhancements.
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