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Thu Oct 19 19:01:13 UTC 2006

In cases where rapid human re-population was necessary eg. deep space colonization, imminent existential disaster, etc. it would be useful to have the means to artificially "grow" fully developed human infants starting only with viable sperm and egg cells which can be easily stored (frozen) and transported (Or alternatively, using frozen human zygotes - eg. "test-tube babies"). I'm far from an expert in fertility, but it seems to me that we should already have the enabling technologies necessary for creating a fully functional "artificial" womb. It appears to me that the only necessary essentials are some form of support medium (for buoying the fetus - distilled water?) and a dynamic (modifiable) equivalent to the umbilical cord for supplying nutrients (amino acids, fatty acids, etc.) and removing wastes (urine). Biology should take care of the rest. Does this sound about right, or am I grossly oversimplifying things?
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