[extropy-chat] "Artificial" Womb

Anne Corwin sparkle_robot at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 20 06:06:29 UTC 2006

George:  As for the health risks associated with NOT bearing children -- these are things that, I would hope in the future, become negligible due to more effective biological monitoring and cancer prevention measures.  And I certainly don't think it would be appropriate for a woman with no interest in actually raising or caring for children to bear them on the basis that doing so would result in some degree of risk management WRT cancer.  Childbirth is still far more of a health hazard than anything associated with NOT having children; people still do die in childbirth or experience complications like pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes (which can become permanent), or thyroid dysfunction following it.  Not to mention inconveniences that can follow the process (like incontinence and stretching of tissues you don't necessarily want stretched!)  

 I think your statements about the optimized environment provided by the biological womb are valid and scientifically sound, however, I think that the very idea of childbearing as personal risk-management is quite a gamble indeed.

Though perhaps part of cancer management in the future might provide for a sort of hormonal treatment that could simulate pregnancy in the chemical sense without actually requiring that the woman gestate a fetus.  

- Anne

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