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Hi Henrique,
  I just don't really agree with the philosophy behind the fictional Prime Directive. I agree with what Brian Atkins wrote on the subject. "We" are constantly using (or at least attempting to use) our growing technology and knowledge to help millions of suffering people (and even a couple animal species) around the globe today. And I think that the majority of people on and off this list are in full support of that end-goal. Assuming a desire to be kind and having the resources available, it just seems inconsistent to me to arbitrarily refuse to help/uplift an extra-solar civilization based on the criterion that they are located 150 light-years away instead of 10,000 Kilometers away (for example a third-world country on our own planet's surface).
  Best Wishes,
  Jeffrey Herrlich     

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Personally, I generally don't agree with the Prime Directive as it has been 
portrayed in ST. ;-)

Can you elaborate on that?

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