[extropy-chat] dawkins booksigning at kepler's

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Oct 28 02:46:43 UTC 2006

Bay area Extropians and others, do forgive my using bandwidth on the main
list for a local event.  My fault, I was supposed to organize a meeting this
weekend, but I was called away with short notice on business all this week.
Richard Dawkins is having a talk and book signing this Sunday, 29 October,
5:30 PM at Keplers Books in Menlo Park:


Amara Graps is in town.  I propose we hit Keplers at 5:30, listen to that,
buy some books, then wander over next door for burritos afterwards, strap on
the old feedbag, poke our noses into the oats, visit and carry on.
Apologies for not organizing this better and sooner.  If I were an
organizer, I would be the boss instead of just another one of the underpaid
rocket scientists.


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