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BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 16:05:17 UTC 2006

On 10/31/06, Jef Allbright wrote:
> Robert Bradbury wrote:
> > You must be willing to give up everything you are for what you might
> > become.
> Excellent statement!  Before I add this to my quote file with attribution to
> Robert, can anyone tell me of the existence of a more original source of
> this powerful insight?

It is pretty common among the New Age consciousness, self-development,
enlightenment-seeking movements.
Robert may have come across it from his est self-development training courses.

It is quoted in Love Precious Humanity: The Collected Wisdom Of Harry Palmer

A few examples of what you can find inside:

* Wisdom is like stiff clay; you have to work it with your own hands
before it becomes useful.
* What is the real work to be done on this planet?...It's to make
ourselves more aware, to remind ourselves that our essential nature is
nonviolent, and to increase the amount of compassion and cooperation
on the planet.
* Fear is a belief in your inadequacy to deal with something.
* A limit can be either a frontier or a boundary.
* Because your existence in time and space is unique, there are lives
that only you can touch.
* Don't let what you are being get in the way of what you might become.
* What a fabulous moment, to realize that no word or thought can truly
describe you.

Harry Palmer is an ex-Scientologist who now sells the Avatar personal
development course, which apparently has many similarities to the
Scientologist training routines.



If anyone starts talking to you about how you can become a super-power
enlightened human being by taking their training course (only x
thousand dollars) just tell them to f*** off!


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