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Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Tue Apr 3 05:33:13 UTC 2007

 From Boing Boing:

Body Hacking Talk
at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2007

Slides are now posted online at

The talk was this:

Date: Thursday, March 29
Time: 2:15pm - 3:00pm
Location: Douglas A

Technology that was the traditional purview of the medical
establishment is migrating into the hands of body hackers, and the
medical establishment itself is finding ways to enhance humans, not
just cure disease, and faces a new dilemma about whether and who
should be enhanced. All of these advancements come with health dangers
and unanticipated possibilities, as well as an ethical debate about
what it means to be human.

This talk will touch on the latest medical advances in neurological
understanding and interface as well as physical enhancements in sports
and prosthetics. But more time will be given to how the body hackers
and renegades of the world are likely to go forward with or without
societal permission. Journalist Quinn Norton will touch on sensory
extension, home surgery, medical tourism, nervous system interfaces,
and controlling parts of our bodies and minds once thought to be
nature's fate for us.

In addition, here is a video of Quinn giving this talk in Berlin
at 23C3 in December


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