[extropy-chat] The great global warming swindle

Thomas Thomas at thomasoliver.net
Wed Apr 4 07:22:38 UTC 2007

Damien Broderick wrote:

>At 03:54 PM 4/3/2007 -0500, I wrote:
>>I haven't watched this program yet,
>>but as usual I'm bemused by the way so many stories posted on this
>>list about anthropogenic planetary heating echo the very small number
>>of naysayers.
> I was especially won over by the segment in the middle of the piece 
>presenting evidence against carbon driving (rather than, as appears 
>to be the case, carbon level consequent upon heating) and in favor of 
>the primary impact of cyclic solar dynamics:
Yes, that exposed the main "swindle" part.  It also showed the hypocrisy 
of environmentalists expecting suffering third worlders to forego 
industrial development while they continue to enjoy the benefits of 
cheap electricity.  Having watched Al Gore's movie just a few days ago, 
I found myself better persuaded by these naysayers.  -- Thomas

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