[extropy-chat] Nanoengineered terrestrial solar vs. nanoengineered space solar power

Amara D. Angelica amara at kurzweilai.net
Sat Apr 7 03:34:00 UTC 2007

I'm looking for information and leads for a research project. In switching
from oil to solar, what are the economical tradeoffs between terrestrial and
space solar power, based on cost per megawatt?

What is the projected increase in cost-efficiency of batteries and other
energy storage systems needed to provide power at night and deal with
seasonal and weather variations?

What is the cost-efficiency of geographically distributed vs. centralized
power sources? 

http://www.permanent.com/p-sps-ec.htm is one good source, but is limited in
technology forecasts, such as nanoengineered batteries. 

Looks like India is planning to invest heavily in space solar power. More on
that later...

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