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Morris Johnson mfj.eav at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 13:17:59 UTC 2007

I am from an area where the ethanol-bioproduct-oil vs bio scenario is going
on this very moment.
I hear that Gore is coming to a city Regina Sk on the 23 to do his
5000 Tickets are 75 for adults 20 for students with saskpower underwriting
all other costs.

Yes global warming may be happening.
Yes it is a scam in that on one really understands the mechanisms to
manage weather long term on a global scale.

However the diversion of sugar cane, corn and wheat to biofuels and the
building of about 200 plants accross North America
is good.  Ethanol may be a political product but the same technology can
produce a wide range of fuels , industrial chemicals
and complex bioproducts will emerge to make the equation viable.  Genetic
modification of plants and algae to produce perhaps 10-100 times the biomass
on current inputs is required to make the thermodynamic equation a winner.
The capital investment will push such bioengineering advances.

So some scams are simply required to push the lazy stupid risk averse molly
coddled masses
to get off their worthless asses into action to do noble things.

As far as gore spending money and using energy... to get someone who might
be another billionaire if let loose in the private sector
to dedicate his life to relatively poorly paid public service you better cut
him some slack.

So  am a firm supporter of global warming as it will force society to
undertake global scale projects they would not otherwise have.

One of the first singularity scale computational projects will be the
development of a tightly managed global ecosystem.
Ice in polar caps is worthless; release of polar Water and  hydrocarbon
carbon into  a dynamic ecosystem creates  wonderous new possibilities.

 "Viva La Global Warming"

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