[extropy-chat] Hypocrisy and Preaching (was The great global warming swindle)

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Sat Apr 7 17:32:39 UTC 2007

--- Rafal Smigrodzki <rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com>
>### The environmentalists I know are not really any
>more efficient than me, although they frequently pay
>lip service to it. They are really after a
>diminished "ecological footprint" of humans, and
>especially other humans. Mr Gore's ecological
>footprint is huge (which I see as not bad, as long as
>he is paying for it himself) but he demands from me 
>(and other Americans) to reduce my footprint, and he
>is willing to use the force of the state to cut me
>down to size. I see this as very bad.

I saw Al Gore on Oprah a while back.  I was aware that
there was a global warming issue but I have to admit
that his presentation made me wonder if the issue was
as serious as he described.  I'm sure that his message
would not have been received if he hadn't been a
prominent figure in politics. On one hand, he is
preaching an essential issue making aware of a serious
situation yet on the other hand, the fact that he is
closely affiliated to politics, his reasons may be
other than making the world a better place.     

>Whether his neighbor's mansion burns 3000$ or 10000$
>a month doesn't matter, as long as the neighbor is
>not a crusading environmentalist(and pays his bills).

I was trying to understand at what point does someone
make a difference?  How can it not matter that he may
reduce his bill by $7000.00?  I thought that would
imply that compared to the next door neighbor, he was
practising what he preached?

### Absolutely everybody can reduce their preaching
until it fits exactly with what they already practice.

Yes I agree.  

### I prefer to reserve the word "hypocrite" to
somebody falsely claiming to have certain moral
beliefs with the aim of manipulating others for his

I guess that's the underlying question.  Is Mr. Gore
doing more good than bad?  Although I am not naive
enough to believe that his intentions are 100% honest
and sincere and i'm sure along the way he will use it
to his advantage yet at the same time, with the same
means, he is making aware an important issue that may
not have been widely spread.

I not really sure what is better!  At what point does
manipulation play a role in benefiting others?  Thank
you for bringing up the subject, it has giving me
things to think about.

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