[extropy-chat] uh oh, something's right

Thomas Thomas at thomasoliver.net
Sat Apr 7 19:17:49 UTC 2007

Anders Sandberg wrote:

>spike wrote:
>>Things are working.  They are working damn well,
>>working early and often.  Something is right.
>>But we are afraid to congratulate ourselves.  Why don't we all take some
>>time to recognize all the things that are working right, such as the THAAD
>>missile, the highway system, capitalism incorporated.
>>Let us congratulate ourselves unapologetically, shall we?
>Definitely! Congrats to everybody who gets everything to work!
>Of course, there is plenty of stuff left to fix, be it political systems,
>climate change, software development or the British banking system, but
>that doesn't mean that indeed things are working.
>I think you have made an important observation. Friction, that we lose
>time, energy, materials, ideas or whatever due to inefficiencies or
>incompatibilities in our systems, seems to be decreasing quite nicely. I
>think that may be a much better measure of progress than looking at how
>much time, energy, FLOPS or whatever are produced. Maybe we should try to
>index it?
The axle grease index?  Spike, you have a great attitude!  Appreciation 
fuels progress.  Kudos to all the advanced grease monkeys on this list! 
 -- Thomas

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