[extropy-chat] Hypocrisy and Preaching (was The great globalwarming swindle)

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Sat Apr 7 20:55:45 UTC 2007

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> >Whether his neighbor's mansion burns 3000$ or 10000$
> >a month doesn't matter, as long as the neighbor is
> >not a crusading environmentalist(and pays his bills).
> I was trying to understand at what point does someone
> make a difference?  How can it not matter that he may
> reduce his bill by $7000.00?  I thought that would
> imply that compared to the next door neighbor, he was
> practising what he preached?
> ### Absolutely everybody can reduce their preaching
> until it fits exactly with what they already practice.

Instead of flapping around and making inconvenient movies, Algore could
simply make the capital improvements on his house necessary to lower his
electric bill and make his existence carbon neutral.  Then supply us with
the detailed cost sheet to make that happen.

In the final analysis, everything is dollars and cents.  Algore and others
make a fundamental error assuming governments should control our carbon
footprint.  Governments do not control that, markets do.  If governments try
too hard to influence markets (and in so doing depress the economy) they get
thrown out of office, as they should.  Give us hard numbers so that we can
make market-based decisions.


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