[extropy-chat] Survival

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Wed Apr 11 06:04:27 UTC 2007

John K Clark wrote:
> Ok let's think about this logically and unemotionally. Let's suppose for the
> sake of argument that Lee Corbin philosophy is correct; what would be the
> result? You're dead meat. You can't upgrade so soon you'll be surrounded
> beings enormously more powerful than yourself, and you don't stand a
> snowball's chance in hell of surviving the Singularity meat grinder.
> Let's suppose for the sake of argument that John Clark's philosophy is
> correct, what would be the result? You instantly agree to upgrade at every
> opportunity, and you still probably won't survive the Singularity meat
> grinder, but at least you have a chance. So, what would be the smart
> philosophy to embrace? Given the choice between no chance and slim chance 
> I'll pick slim chance any day.
While I generally agree with your previous arguments in favour of your
definition of identity, I cannot accept the above 'logic'.

This is just a redressing of the old argument for believing in God. Either
there is a God and worshipping Him will grant you salvation, or this is not
and you are doomed. So, worship God, because that is the only hope you have.
It didn't convince me as a kid, and it doesn't convince me now.

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