[extropy-chat] Hierarchies of principle

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Thu Apr 12 03:34:28 UTC 2007


Reason demands and Jeffersons successors should know there are hierarchies of principle. No law between countries and men can outrank the law (the US-ratified UN charter) against launching aggressive wars against other countries. Without such laws there can be no international laws at all. No promise between Americans (or indeed between the citizens of any democracy) can be more solemn than the Presidential Oath to those citizens to uphold the Constitution and the law to those citizens. Allow that promise to be broken or uttered parrot fashion by an imbecile and all promises are void. 


As a non-American, as a former pro-American, I must tell you that the US law includes the treaties that you have made in order to receive from the rest of us that are not a part of your 300 millions a quid for your pro.


If you, the current generation of voting American can't get that, if you can't see that you have a duty not just to yourselves but to the rest of us in a would-be civilized world to remove the blight on your country and the blight on your honor then one wonders if you will ever have the wit and perception to see that behind the brown avenging eyes fixed upon you lies a resolve that could have been planted by the ghost of Patrick Henry. 


You must impeach George W Bush, you must be as good as your promises when the promises are so serious, because without the rule of law, logically there can only be war. If you don't then in 2007 it will be lazy, complacent, compromising, selfish and parochial Americans that are the real enemies of the rest of humanity and ultimately of themselves. 


On September 11, 2001 a Frenchman said "we are all Americans now". And we other non-Americans knew what he meant. 


But so far has George W Bush reduced America, so far have you the citizens and the Congresses of the US let your honor be reduced and your promises broken, that inside and outside America, we are all terrorists now.

Brett Paatsch
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