[extropy-chat] latest Steorn announcement

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sat Apr 14 04:56:03 UTC 2007



<Here's what's new:

- During the first week of July, Steorn's device will be given a 
public demonstration at a location in London. Steorn employees will 
be on hand to answer questions, and the event will be broadcast in 
real time over the web. Online spectators will also be able to 
interact with the Steorn representatives via live chat. While the 
July event had been indicated earlier, the online component is new 
and this public announcement commits Steorn to produce by putting 
their credibility on the line.

- Steorn's "Jury of 12" scientists chosen to test the technology and 
release their results publicly is actually a jury of 22. Of the 5000 
applicants, 1000 were trained scientists. Twenty two were chosen for 
their expertise and the level of "public confidence" in these candidates.

- The jury is currently in the process of reviewing the technology, 
and will begin testing it within "the next couple of months".>

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