[extropy-chat] A Grim Vision ...?

Morris Johnson mfj.eav at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 15:39:36 UTC 2007

The problem is  willingness of the production to consumption chain  to
implement bio-based change.

It would be nice to jump steps and keep the commercial end up to the science
end as happens with computational technologies and products therefrom.  Not
many years ago there was the "clock speeds above 1Ghz were illegal for
citizens to own".
That old law vaporized easily.  The "no GMO" issue has taken a decade out of
ag crops development.  No "no embryonic stem cells" has taken  a decade out
of biomedicine.  The singularity has to overcome luddites every step of the

It's gong to take ethanol plants, then solid and liquid state fermentation
plants then intergrated food/fuel/pharma plants to put the cash behind the
novel changes like black, high efficiency pond scum GMO's that come in 1000
varieties depending upon what the end use chemistry
is to be.

Now if someone could convince the public that global warming required a
response that captures water in novel bioproducts
because simple old forests and farms won't cut it and that the resulting
abundance of bioproducts would decrease the cost of all consumables there
should be an economic pull to realize the end goal soooner.

As well there are 2 saleable commercial  reasons for AGI
commercial development.  Governments want to be the first to no just predict
short term but create made to order weather .
Nobody wants all the storms  or all the drought.  Markets want to know where
and when to time economic activity to coincide with
beneficial weather driven conditions.

The second is novel healthy lifestyle food and pharma.  AGI computational
capacity should deliver novel biology for these commercial products.

If the vast majority don't want to live an indeterminate period of time or
possess enhancements let them be happy with this level and let them
naturally select themselves out of the gene pool as they gradually grow old
and die.  It's a huge waste  but 10,000 + years of conditioning to accept
our current state is not something  everyone's mind can dissassociate

The challenge is to build a global critical mass to sustain the
commercialization of the leading edge extropian, AGI singularity, transhuman
as an expanding economy in spite of the luddite drives of the rest of

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