[extropy-chat] Who Gets Expensive Treatments Under Socialism?

Chris Hibbert hibbert at mydruthers.com
Tue Apr 17 05:10:36 UTC 2007

I pay Blue Cross California $224 every other month.  I'm self-employed 
and healthy.  I went for almost the highest deductible they offered.

When I was employed in 2004-5, I continued to pay for my private 
insurance even though I had company coverage.  I'd been warned when I 
hired on that it was going to be a 1 or 2 year gig.  It lasted 18 
months, and when it was over I was 47 and glad I didn't have to qualify 
for health coverage again.

It is easy to turn an aquarium into fish soup, but not so
easy to turn fish soup back into an aquarium.
-- Lech Walesa on reverting to a market economy.

Chris Hibbert
hibbert at mydruthers.com
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